How to apply False Lashes in 6 easy steps

How to apply False Lashes in 6 easy steps

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One of the secret tricks for looking majorly glam is popping on false lashes. Try our 100 % Cruelty Free Beau Bakers Mink Lashes .

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We love the look of falsies, but applying them? Not so much. So, determined to figure out how to put on faux eyelashes the right way, we got some tips to help you right here.


1. Trim Each of the Eyelash Strips



First of all, start with some inexpensive lashes for practice with this one because you may have a heart attack after chopping chunks out your fave pair of  silky mink sets.


Measure the strip against your actual eyelid and trim off the excess (not while it's against your eye). You can use the extra bit to later stack upon the lash strip at your eye's outer corners for extra va va voom if you want, or you can use it when you just want a bit more emphasis on top of your natural outer lashes, like a dress's train.



2. Prep Your Natural Lashes

After completing your eyeshadow and eyeliner application of choice, curl your lashes, and apply mascara.

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3. Apply Glue to the Eyelash

Using a tweezers,try the beau bakers rose gold lash applicator

Hold the lashes and dab on a thin line of glue to the lash band with a cotton swab.

“Never squeeze the glue from the tube directly onto the lash base," he cautions. "I put a drop of glue on the middle of a Q-tip and drag the lash through it. This adds just the right amount.”


A note on colour: dark glue will blend into your eyeliner better. But worry not: the standard white stuff will dry clear, so you'll be fine. Duo Eyelash Adhesive comes in black and clear.


4. Wait for the Glue to Dry Slightly


This is a game-changer: Let the glue dry for about 30 seconds. It'll make the false lashes less likely to slide around when you apply. You can wave the lash around for a bit after adding the glue,” “This lets the formula dry enough to become tacky, preventing you from getting glue all over the place.”


5. Adhere the Strip to Your Lash Line and Press It Into Place


Using the tweezers again, put the lashes in place right where your eyeliner is and press them into the lash line.   For the luxury look go for our best selling Beau Bakers Blackforrest mink lashes , they are super fluffy and soft.


6.Apply Black Eyeliner to Hide the Lash Strip


Extra eyeliner and another coat of mascara tying it all together, filling in any little gaps. 


Note: While adding a touch of mascara to the false lashes will help blend them with your real lashes, it will also limit the use of the pair to one or two times. (It’s not safe to keep reusing mascara-ed up falsies more than twice because bacteria can build up — gross!)

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