Spring/Summer 2023 Makeup Trends

Spring/Summer 2023 Makeup Trends

Spring/Summer 2023 Trends

Spring /Summer is officially here! We know we can't quite believe it too, it was only yesterday we were peeling Sophie from HR off the photocopier at the office Christmas party. But Alas fun times are ahead, let us take you through the hottest spring-summer makeup trends straight off the runway.

Y2K Baby

Y2k makeup pastel Eyeshadow

Screaming ... now this is a welcomed trip down nostalgia lane. We love the Y2K trend and it looks like it's staying a little longer. So think pastel eyeshadows, all things that shimmer and Miss Congeniality-worthy lipgloss.

We have the glossiest of glossiest vegan lipgloss at Beau Bakers, click here.

Another super-dope Y2K trend all the way back is the face gem trend, sprinkle them on your finished eyeshadow looks and viola, instant furocity. Check back at Beau Bakers for our new line of Face Bling (Omgosh we just said bling, how Y2K of us) launching on 7th May 2023. 




power pose in pink barbiecore asthethics

Sorry-Not Sorry,Barbiecore is the celebration of all things pink and ultra-femme and we are not mad about it.

What we love about this trend is the fun-loving permission to be extremely playful and pink with makeup. At Beau Bakers we have some truly gorgeous pigment popping pinks in our lips and eyes segment. Why not try this super glossy lipgloss in the shade Boardroom Click here. 

 Fancy a flash of power pink on your lids try our uber -glam glitter,cruelty -free eyeshadow in the shade C.E.O Click Here.

Super Blush 

super blush y23 makeup trend

Blush is back and in a big way. This trend is all about an exaggerated and more expressive use of blush often contouring around the eye area and in bold shades for added drama. We predict the festival season will be heaving with makeup enthusiasts rocking this trend. For added sustainability why not repurpose a super bright matte eyeshadow? Check out our eye-catching Beau Bakers shade in Paradise Forum click here

Colour Pop

asain lady yellow lips editorial makeup looks

The bold and the beautiful.

ss23 is all about experimenting with bright and playful colours. so whether you go for a statement blue lip or a luminous orange shadow this is the year of colourful and bold expression. Beau Bakers stock the boldest hue of royal blue matte lipstick in shade sapphire- right on trend. Checkout the shade here.


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