How to organise your Makeup with Makeup Storage

How to organise your Makeup with Makeup Storage

 We've all been there , you are trying to get ready you're winged liner just took a turn for the worse, you can't find the brush you just put down and you get the dreaded "where are you'', text from you're bestie who you were supposed to meet 1 hour ago. Sound familiar ?

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Read this guide on how to get your makeup organised so you can ditch the getting dolled - up drama and make your vanity space a tranquil space of calm.

Lets get strategic beauties .... makeup storage is essential to maintaining a clean, organised bathroom or bedroom vanity. And when done well, it can actually contribute to the overall style of your space. More importantly, the way you store your makeup can make a huge difference in its appearance when applied. 


If you love makeup, then you probably also love organising (and re-organising) your stash. After all, you've spent years building your collection, and so you want to show it off effectively. Unfortunately, organising makeup isn't always as easy as it sounds. If you've got a ton of products, you could end up stacking them or storing them deep inside a drawer — which means you can't always find everything you need.




Separate Makeup Into Categories 

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Organise your products into categories  - trust us this is an actual Life Hack !even if you have an extensive collection, a system based on product type or use frequency system can help you stay organised and also get the most out of your products.


This is primarily because different products require different storage conditions, as some are more sensitive to the elements than others (more on that in a minute). Once you have them separated by categories in containers, consider putting them inside of drawers or in a medicine cabinet.This will keep your surfaces clear and clutter to a minimum. If you don't have any drawer space for makeup, put your containers on the counter or a floating shelf.





Keep Temperature Top of Mind

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If your bathroom has poor ventilation, you might be better off storing your makeup in the bedroom. Temperatures can sometimes change the chemistry of the makeup Because smaller, enclosed bathrooms tend to get more humid and temperatures tend to rise above room temperature, it's best to store these products in your bedroom in an area not exposed to direct sunlight to minimise oxidation of the product.

Storing your beauty products as described above will prevent bacteria growth and optimise product quality and lifetime.Designate one of your dresser drawers to makeup, or add a small vanity station in the bedroom with a desk to store your stash. If there isn't enough space for everything in the bedroom, prioritise things like serums and creams, which stay healthier in cooler areas.


Try a Skin Fridge (or a Real Fridge)


If you're really worried about temperature, try a skin fridge. "We are hearing great things about the Drunk Elephant Skin Fridge , if you are looking for one , but hey a fridge is a fridge .  What's more most well-designed products undergo stability testing and are made for room temperature storage, even after opening. Consider a skin fridge if you are considering D.I.Y skincare from natural ingredients.


Keep Brushes Clean and Dust- Free


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And now for an important hygiene lesson for makeup brushes and applicators worldwide. ideally, you should clean your brushes as often as possible because the buildup isn’t sanitary and it makes your brushes brittle.

Soo, how often is often? Realistically people get busy and lazy, so I’d say at least every two weeks.Sponges (like Beauty Blenders), on the other hand, should be cleaned every day. To keep them extra clean, storage is also key. It is important to keep brushes in a dust free container . Which is why Beau Bakers Luxury Pearl Brush set comes complete with it's own super cute dust bag.




Choose Travel Cases Wisely


Now that we've got the basics covered, let's talk travel storage ideas to keep your makeup in good shape. We recommend packing your products in a compact case because a hard case is also usually better than the pouch alternative, which leaves your makeup more prone to breakage. Try looking for travel cases with pockets and compartments so you can actually find your products when you need them. In other words, don't just throw everything in a bag and call it a day.


Throw Them Out When Necessary


And last but not least, remember that all good things must come to an end. You might have to throw out and replace your makeup products before you've used them all up if they expire.Most people don’t realise that makeup has an expiration date, so some things shouldn’t be kept longer than you think, Mascara should be replaced every three months (depending on how often you use it).

Foundation should be replaced after every year, try our Beau Bakers longwear Foundation. Powders products tend to last longer because they don’t harvest as much bacteria.You'll also want to check expiration dates periodically to ensure that what you’re applying on your skin is of good quality, says Libby. Because the last thing you'd want to do is slap on makeup that makes you break out.

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