Attention Lash Lovers Everywhere~ Here is ultimate guide to getting the longest life out of your favorite pair of falsies.

A good set of false lashes are essential... (fact check ) ...
okay will at least we think so !
A set of high-quality mink lashes help the eyes pop, and by the way did you know false lashes benefits our natural lashes ?
Unlike mascara that can make our lashes brittle and weak, false eyelashes act as an alternative to reduce the constant tugging on our natural lashes, thus allowing them to grow thicker and healthier over time.
We can not stress this enough to our lash lovers  there's nothing like having the perfect eye-framing fringe at your fingertips whenever you need it  - but we are preaching to the converted right?
Simply the best
Obviously we are going to toot our own horn here and for good reason .... of Beau Bakers line of cruelty free mink lashes,  Are 100 % genuine cruelty free mink . Every set is handmade from super-soft and fluffy, cruelty-free hair that feels nearly weightless on your lids. Authentic mink fur lashes, however, require some special TLC. Read on to learn how to keep your Beau Baker Lashes in like-new condition for up to 25 wears.
1. Clean occasionally
If dried glue builds up on the band of your lashes, gently peel it off with your fingertips. Remember, don’t pull or tug on the band. We recommend cleaning your lashes like this every two to three wears. Beau Bakers lashes also comes with a free spoolie to help cleanse and brush your lashes.
2.Be gentle
Beau Baker Lashes should be handled gently. Grasp them by the band when picking them up, avoiding the mink strands as much as possible. Try not to pull or tug when applying or removing. If you find it difficult to remove the lashes from your eyelid, dampen a cotton swab with water and rub it gently over the band to loosen the glue. 
3.Reliable Lash Adhesive
Be sure to invest in a high quality, reliable lash adhesive. We recommend using DUO Strip Lash Adhesive which is available in both clear and dark tone, and provides a comfortable yet long-lasting hold of your lashes. If you opt for a cheaper glue, you risk not only your glamorous look, but it could also be damaging to your skin and the lash itself.
4. Say no to soaking
Soaking your lashes in water, makeup remover, alcohol, or any other liquid can cause damage. Clean your Beau Bakers Lashes by gently removing dried glue from the band with your fingertips, like in the last step, or run a damp cotton swab along the band to loosen the glue and remove.
5. Apply mascara with care
Mascara may damage mink fur, so don’t apply it directly to the lashes. Instead, apply mascara to your lashes first, let it dry, and then apply your Beau Baker Lashes.
6. Proper storage is key
Store your lashes in the original packaging to keep them safe, clean, and protected from dust, dirt, and bacteria. This will also help maintain their shape wear after wear. Beau Bakers Lashes come with a super gorgeous recyclable  lash box to keep your lashes in.
7. Lash Applicator Tool
You can use Beau Baker Lash application tool for precision. This will help you apply adhesive in a small amount on the lash band only.
Major Difference between Mink and Silk Lashes
Mink, Faux Mink, and Silk extensions are the most commonly used. The main difference between them comes down to their firmness, are they real fur, faux fur or are they synthetic? 
Real mink lashes usually last longer because they are so light as well as being able to apply several mink extensions per natural lash, while Silk extensions are made from a polished, acrylic material and are the firmest of all, some people find that the firmness of lashes can lead to irritation. Real Mink lashes tend to be thicker in appearance and tend to be use for full glam ... or every darn day if you are lash lovers like us.
Mink, Faux Mink or silk ...  whatever you decide to go for wear them with pride and rock your look. 

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